Hi, I am Mackenzie.

I’m a CHICAGO gal (city proper) born and bred, and now based in NYC.  You’ll likely find me doing immersive or environmental theatre, especially incorporated with the use of movement and music.

Theatrical reviews have described me as being filled “with wit and beautiful lyricism” and being “lots of fun to hate.”

Humans are weird, the world is weird, and being an artist gives me a chance to explore pieces of existence that, maybe, I'll never get to experience.

“It would be easy to compare Mackenzie’s presence to Joni Mitchell, her allure to Naomi Watts, her work ethic to Edie Falco but all of these would be doing a disservice to Mackenzie. She is, without hesitation or doubt, an asset beyond compare. I invite you to work with her, only then will you get it. Hire her and thank me later.” - Dillon Porter (Bway: The Ritz, Film: Blue Highway, NYC: Dubstep Hamlet, The Dream: Midsummer ‘19)

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  • CHARACTERISTICALLY , a new web series written by and starring Dominique Salerno to drop.

  • Catch me and Jacob Waldron in Todd Alsup’s music video for “Easy To Love You” here.

    May 2020:

  • Playing Marianne in CONSTELLATIONS by Nick Payne opposite Jacob Waldron at Clear Space Theatre Company.



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